Friday, 27 April 2012

Greyson Chance

 I can't believe that I found out about this 15 year old boy ! Greyson Chance, the latest Youtube sensation who has managed to get 43 million hits so far  absolutely has an mazing voice...

I really like his voice b'cause it's powerful than Justin Bieber's voice... His songs are also great especially Waiting Outside the Lines...the lyrics touched my heart and makes me realize that I need to move and pursue my big dream.

Anyway, enjoy the song...Oh, yeah !

About Greyson Chance
  • born on August 16, 1997 in Texas and now resides in Edmon Oklahoma.
  • the youngest child of Scott and Lisa Chance; he has a 16-year-old sister, Alexa, and a 19-year-old brother, Tanner, both of whom also play music.
  • Chance began playing the piano at the age of 8 and has had three years of piano lessons, but no formal vocal training. His inspiration comes from Lady Gaga after seeing her performance of "Papparazi" at the 2009 MTV Movie Award...
  • had release his first single waiting outsides the lines on October 26 2011
  • dmires Christina Aguilera, the rock band Ausgustana, R&B singer John Legend, singer-songwriter Elton John and late Beatle John Lennon.